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Crocker Art Museum

For people who are not familiar with it, Crocker Art Museum is a museum in Sacramento, California and it can also be a good venue for weddings because of its beautiful building and facade. The design of the Crocker Art Museum is a mix of modern and vintage that is able to cater to people with varying tastes in terms of the overall ambiance of a place. Art enthusiasts will definitely have fun going around the Crocker Art Museum because it features both international and local pieces from artists all over the world; this gives visitors the chance to enjoy a wide variety of art regardless of what type of art they are fond of.

This museum actually started out as a mansion that was built in 1868 right after the building was bought by Judge Erwin B. Crocker; after which, the home has undergone a major renovation which was led by an architect by the name of Seth Babson. He added different parts into the home, including a gallery which was originally intended to house the art collection of Crocker. This renovation was finished in 1872, and the Crocker family has enjoyed the new additions to their home before they finally decided to make it a public museum in 1978. Even though it is not listed as a landmark, it has been added under the National Register of Historic Places making a lot more people aware of it.

Aside from being a very well-rounded museum, the Crocker Art Museum is also able to give the visitors the chance to use different facilities; for instance, there are ballrooms that can be used for different events – E. Kendell Davis Courtyard, Friedman Court, Main Courtyard, and Historic Ballroom. All of these ballrooms different from one another because of the unique look and feel of every room so people will be able to choose from them depending on what they are looking for. For instance, the Historic Ballroom has details and moldings that really set the tone of the entire environment, while the Friedman Court boasts its modern design with its lofty aesthetic that includes its black marble floors, making it suitable for grand events and celebrations.

In addition to facilities, the Crocket Art Museum is also offering different services to be able to cater to the different needs of people. In fact, there is even a dedicated team of people from the Crocker Art Museum that specializes in handling different events such as helping engaged couples plan the details for their special day. The good thing about the events team of Crocker Art Museum is that they also do other services like setting up the place, cleaning up after, and even helping couples find needed vendors that will be able to contribute to the smooth execution of the event. People who are seeking for help are more than welcome to go directly to this team at Crocker Art Museum and give more details about the event that they want to plan in the future.

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