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Old Sacramento

California’s capital city, Sacramento, sits on the banks of the Sacramento River and is a thriving cultural and economic city that attracts tourists at the end of the year. Although California is known as the main state of Los Angeles, Sacramento offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle and is a tourist attraction in itself. Sacramento is ideal for travel by car due to the multitude of activities on offer spanning the entire city and many surrounding areas. Car rental is the easiest option, and the availability of local pick-up points allows you to collect your car at any place convenient for you! Top destinations for cars in the Sacramento region include:

To get to know the history of Sacramento, be sure to visit Old Sacramento. Old Sacramento is an old western city made up of ten main neighborhoods with two main streets side by side in the woods. During the gold rush, many roads are loaded with picturesque two- and three-story buildings and are an excellent walking tour. The hum of wooden paths and heels of shoes is heard as pedestrians wander through the shops and restaurants that once lived in noisy and gambling halls during the Gold Rush of 1849.

This State Historic Park is located in the city center and can also be accessed via any highway system. For those Australian readers who are there, you can say that this is the equivalent of Sacramento, the “old city of Sydney.” The park houses historical museums, ancient palaces and indestructible forts. Here you can learn about how the city of Sacramento was founded and how it has developed since its humble beginnings. Make sure this is a real cultural experience!

Tourists can park their car in a public parking lot. You can drive through some part of Old Sacramento, but here anyone can walk and drive, feeling like shepherds or armed. First, there is a coach running down the street. The carts in Old Sacramento are different from the carts in New York, they are completely Western in style. The buildings have been preserved in their original form in the architecture of the nineteenth century. Most of them came from cowboy films. No one will be surprised if they see a drunken Dolly Holiday in the yard or Billy the Kid appearing from behind a swing door.

The interior decoration of the buildings has also been preserved in its original form. Someone might notice the interior of a building that looks like a bar, restaurant and hotel. The mezzanine went into the lobby hall. One can imagine a disaster when Jane screamed in the mezzanine. People watched a scene from a western, an action movie fell, breaking the mezzanine barrier on the first floor. Behind the door on the second floor, White Earp tried to shoot his brother’s leg.

In Old Sacramento, it is noteworthy that there are many museums in the city. These include the War Museum, Sacramento Historical Museum, California Indian Museum, or the Railway Museum. In particular, you should definitely visit the railway museum. In addition to steam locomotives of all ages, it reflects the history of railways in Sacramento during the Gold Rush, Wild West, or modernization. Unfortunately it is not there, but it can take a lot of locomotives to see how people traveled in the days of locomotives.

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