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Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

Sutter’s Fort is a historic agricultural and settlement agricultural community on the border of California and Nevada. The former agricultural and trade colony on the southern tip of the state, located in the heart of the City of Sacramento, served as the main center of commerce in Mexico. The site was originally built in 1839 as New Helvetia, but construction of the original fort proper did not begin until eighteen years later.

Sacramento is located in the state of California. This town is on the west side of the Sacramento River and it was named after the first Governor of California, William T. Sutter. He lived here during his governorship, which spanned four years. Today, Sacramento is home to a number of historical sites that make up this historic place.

The Sutter’s Fort State Park and New Helvetia are among some of the places you should see while on a trip to Sacramento. There is no doubt that these historical places are not only great for seeing them, but also have an important role to play in helping you understand why people settled in this area. The development of the Sacramento Valley and the agricultural and trade colony that arose around it were an important part of what caused California to become a great state.

You will not want to miss seeing the New Helvetia National Historical Park, which has many exhibits that explain the history of this agricultural and trade colony that was developed here by settlers in the late 1800s. One of the largest contributions to the New Helvetia area came from New Helvetia Farm, which is a famous farm that was located here when it was being developed.

Another site that you might want to take the time to visit in Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park is the Sutter’s Fort Plantation. This plantation was developed during the middle part of the nineteenth century. The main farmhouse was built using materials that were imported into the United States. Today, this historic site can be visited by the public. You will not want to miss seeing the Sutter’s Farm museum, where you can learn more about the farming and agricultural history of this area and learn more about how it has influenced the area today.

When visiting New Helvetia, you will want to explore the Old Town, which is located in the Sutter’s Fort Historic Park. It is considered to be the oldest part of the city of Sacramento and is full of history. You will find beautiful houses that were built in the early part of the nineteenth century and the Sutter’s Fort historic museum gives you a look at what life was like before the buildings that you are visiting were built.

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