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We rent porta potties for events and construction projects in the Arden Arcade area.

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Porta Potty Rental, Arden Arcade CA

If you are thinking of hosting an event such as a wedding or just a backyard party, porta potties must have crossed your mind. Relieving yourself is a natural need that ensures comfort as you go about enjoying a party. No one has to hold it in since there are no restrooms in the event. A porta potty is, therefore, essential. So how do you hire one? What is the ideal type for your event, and how much does it cost? In this article, we have prepared everything you need to know about Sacramento portable restroom rental.

What is a portable potty?

A porta potty is basically a single unit toilet that is designed to provide convenience and privacy for the user. They come with toilet paper dispensers, sinks and hand washing areas, and other amenities such as a ventilator depending on the price. A porta potty rental is vital to your event. It does not matter how good the food is or how breathtaking the decor turns out. Even if you invite the best artists to your event, it can all turn into a disaster if you do not provide this essential structure, a portable restroom! It should be on your budget for the event, no matter how small the event. What are the common types of porta potties to consider?

What are the various types?

Porta potties come in different types, depending on the size and luxury. You may not agree on the luxury part when you are inside one. Still, moveable bathrooms come with different amenities such as a sink, toilet paper, mirror, ventilation, and some even come with a baby changing station. It all depends on the level of luxury you are going for when hiring.

For instance, if you are holding an event that will last for three to four hours like a race, you might want to hire a small basic moveable toilet. However, for a wedding or graduation ceremony that is going to last all day with many guests, you will come across porta potties that look like a trailer rather than a plastic box. If you have been scratching your head and trying to figure out why porta potties look different every time, here are the various types. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Standard

These are the most common porta potties you will come across. They are mainly found in outdoor events in clusters. They can be cleaned and emptied on-site; therefore, are less demanding. They are also the cheapest option in the market, so if you are looking for a porta potty for an event that will last a few hours, this is the jackpot.Standard transportable potties are usually a single unit portable bathroom. That is why they are hired in clusters for outdoor events with many people. They do not flush, and they lack a sink. They are very basic in short. However, a rental company may provide additional features, such as mirrors and lighting. These porta potties have a tank that holds 60 gallons of water only. The walls are also reinforced, and the locking is secure. The average size of a standard is 43-46 inches in width, 46-48 inches in depth ad 88-91 inches in height.

2. Deluxe flushable

Even the name of this transportable washroom screams luxury. These portable washrooms are a lot like the standard counterparts, but they are bigger. They usually measure approximately 44-47 inches in width, 45-48 inches in depth, and 89-91 inches in height. They come with a flushing capability and a holding tank capacity pf 60-70 gallons. They also have a mirror, hand washing station, toilet paper, and a urinal. Some companies even include a baby changing station. The deluxe flushable unit is an ideal upscale of the standard traveling restroom if you are planning a big outdoor event. These units can be coupled up with the standard units to offer a variety of restroom for guests. It would also be ideal for an event that requires high sanitation levels and events with a lot of children and their parents.

3. Luxury or portable restroom trailers

A luxury porta potty will be ideal if you are hosting a big event and expecting many guests. These are large trailers that resemble residential restrooms. They are truly luxurious and provide VIP services to users. They come with ample lighting, flushing toilets, a hand washing area, a counter where you can set your belongings, a mirror, and a very impressive modern interior. Some pack up to 10 bathrooms per trailer while some provide a private restroom. Others are also designed for communal use as they carry urinals, stalls, and such.

4. Wheelchair accessible

These units are uniquely designed for use by the disabled. They are larger than the standard units to allow handicapped people to comfortably use the restroom. They are also designed without a rise at the foot of the door for comfort in moving in and out of the unit. They also include additional safety features such as handrails, anti-slip material for the floor area, and a lower toilet seat. Although no law dictates to have ADA-compliant moveable potties in your event, it’s always reasonable.

Learn About Arden Arcade

Arden-Arcade is a community in Sacramento county with a population of 92,190 in 2010 and a land area of 46.41 km² (17.92 sq miles). This is a car friendly area where everything is accessible even by foot. Everything is well-spread out that it’s normal to see students walk their way to the school. If you’re visiting in Arden-Arcade and you need to run errands, you can just basically walk since everything is fairly of walking distance. It is 11 minutes away from downtown Sacramento and it borders the American River in the south. This area is so near the state’s capital that lots of people are moving in Arden-Arcade. Buying a property in this community is like planting your money and watching it grow over time.

Things to do in Arden-Arcade:

1. Arden Park Recreation & Park District

This park is located in La Sierra Drive and is open from dawn to dusk. The park is designed to provide more recreational activities for the locals. They also have a community center that serves as venue for community events and gatherings. It’s a nice place for families, children and small groups to enjoy. Locals can avail of the discounted rental rates for the swimming pool. They have picnic shelter for small groups, individual BBQ, play equipment and a horseshoe pit. You can also bring your rackets for they have 3 Tennis Courts, a Basketball Court and a Soccer Field.

2. Howe Community Park

For thrill seekers, you will definitely love this unique Tree Top Adventure Park which is pretty new in the area. Go climbing in the heritage oak trees with your families or friends. It will make a great venue for camps, team buildings and parties as well. The adventure course in Howe will train your body strength and test your patience and endurance. They have really polite and courteous staff who will guide and help you through the course. There’s so many things to explore like zip lining, moving obstacles, climbing and so much more.

3. Pavilions

This high-end shopping center has it all. Arden-Arcade is known for its amazing restaurants but this fine shopping center cradles one of the best in the area. They have Piatti’s, Café Bernardo, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Wildwood Bar and Grill and so much more. Amazing shops are all spread out in this beautiful and walkable brick shopping center. It’s a great place even for window shopping.

4. American River

When in Sacramento area, don’t miss heading out to the American River to marvel at this 30-mile long watercourse. The river’s water travels from the Sierra Nevada mountain range and still has high quality. In fact, it is the main source of drinking water for the people of Sacramento. It is common to see families swimming in the American River especially during weekends. There’s also other fun activities like you can go fishing or kayaking. Watching the sunset in American River is a wonderful experience as well especially in summer. Summer evenings in this area is really nice.